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      December, 27 2017 - Nathalie
Certified Review
You have a fabulous salon and, Paul is fantastic. First class salon! I will be returning often!!! Nathalie Binney
Services received :
  • Style/Blowdry with Paul
      September, 25 2017 - Stephanie
Certified Review
Hi, I had an appointment at Salon Mario Russo yesterday and it was phenomenal! I met with Corey first who did an outstanding job with my hair. He was so nice and personable! ! Then I met with Rita for makeup. I cannot say enough nice things about her. Not only was her work amazing but she is one of the nicest people, so much fun and it was a pleasure to meet her. She is very passionate about what she does and is a true beauty inside and out!!! -Stephanie
Services received :
  • Makeup Express with Rita with Rita
  • Style/Blowdry with Corey
      April, 14 2017 - Nancy
Certified Review
From the minute I stepped off the elevator, I was impressed with your salon. The reception desk staff was efficient and welcoming. Libby shampooed my hair and was terrific! Donald Nelson is the consummate professional and transformed me...thank you and I look forward to my next appointment.
Services received :
  • Cut/Cut Blowdry with Donald
      March, 23 2017 - Alma
Certified Review
Sal and Ini are the best ??their work and how friendly they are . I would recommend them to Anyone. It was my first visit and I made a appointment to go back again.
Services received :
  • Color - 1 Proc with Inida
  • Cut/Cut Blowdry with Sal
      February, 05 2017 - Danielle
Certified Review
I absolutely love Leah and Julie! They literally saved my hair, I went from dark brown to blonde at another salon and they ruined my hair, Julie got the color perfect!!! Leah has amazing skills and does a very nice blowout too. My hair looks great even air dried! The service and lavender eye masks are refreshing.
I wish you had a ticket based coat check, I do worry a little that my jacket could be mistaken for someone else accidentally. I wish your check out included stating the price per stylist because it would making tipping easier to figure out.
Services received :
  • Color/Foil Partial with Julie
  • Cut/Cut Blowdry with Leah
  • Color/Refresh with Julie
      December, 09 2016 - Kelly
Certified Review
Perfect. Gio is Magic. Staff very friendly. Beautiful location. Great product selection.
Services received :
  • Cut/Cut Blowdry with Gio
      October, 20 2016 - Judith
Certified Review
I was very well received by the staff. George had been recommended by a neighbor. I have always admired her hair cut. I was not disappointed. He did a great job and I left feeling happy and upbeat. Thanks, George.
no negatives
Services received :
  • Hair/Cut 1st visit with George
      September, 13 2016 - Regina
Certified Review
Worst waste of 260.00 I ever spent. The colorist totally changed my color to something I didn't like. The stylist didn't sit with me and ask anything about what I wanted, just told me what would look good. She gave me a cut that is very unmanageable and time consuming. And it sticks out all over the place. When I have been for first appointments other places in the past they have shown me pictures and asked what has and hasn't worked. I figured an expensive Newbury st salon would know this, but not in my case.
Services received :
  • Color/1p Jr Colorist with Inida
  • Cut/Cut Blowdry with Violet
  • Color/Gloss40 with Inida
      July, 20 2016 - Roberta
Certified Review
Both my colorist Amanda and Mariah were very warm and very professional I knew I was in good hands and am pleased with the results
The receptionist seemed inexperienced
Services received :
  • Color-Gloss45 with Amanda
  • Color/1p First Visit with Amanda
      May, 29 2016 - Lisa
Certified Review
Paul is a fabulous colorist and stylist! You clearly know how to pick good talent! And, thanks for the Nespresso!
Services received :
  • Color-Full Foil with Paul
  • Cut/Cut Blowdry with Paul

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